Cycling star calls on anti-gay Ugandan politicians to be banned from Commonwealth Games

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Retired cycling champion Graeme Obree has called for Ugandan politicians who support the country’s anti-homosexuality law to be banned from attending the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The Scottish former world champion cyclist has launched an online petition entitled “No Hate at the Games”.

He writes:-

Life for gay people in Uganda is downright scary. Hate lists with names and faces of gay people are on the front page of newspapers, they’re being beaten while they go to the shop, stalked in the streets in broad daylight, and even killed. And now the new anti-gay bill just passed is set to make it much, much worse.

I was a professional cyclist who was always honoured to represent my country.This summer Glasgow will proudly host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Ministers and presidents from around the world will pour into Scotland to watch their teams in action. Let’s make this games not only an event which rightly celebrates the sacrifice, skills and supreme efforts of the athletes and representing nations, but one where we take a stand against those who stir up hate.

In days, Lord Smith and the organising committee of the 2014 games will begin inviting dignitaries. Let’s call on them to make sure that Ugandan politicians who backed this bill are off that list, and tell them they are not welcome in the VIP boxes of our country.

Sign now and share this with everyone – let’s let Lord Smith and his organising committee know that Uganda’s decision to pass this bill has appalled right-minded people around the world.

On Wednesday, Sweden announced that it would cut aid donations to Uganda because of the anti-homosexuality law.

New guidance was yesterday issued on how best to support Uganda’s LGBT community following assent of the law with campaigners warning that general aid cuts to Uganda should be avoided.

Obree came out publicly as gay in January 2011 in a newspaper interview.

Known as the Flying Scotsman, he twice won the world individual pursuit title and also twice broke the world hour record.