Dutch politicians canvas for votes on Grindr

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Two local politicians in Amsterdam are looking for votes on gay dating app, Grindr.

Jan-Bert Vroege, a gay candidate, and Pieter Rietman, who is bisexual, are using the app in an attempt to get the support of gay voters ahead of elections in the Dutch capital lather this month.

Speaking about the app, Mr Vroege said: “We are very fond of new technology and new media”.

He continued: “We are also into making Amsterdam a lively gay destination – and using Grindr we can get that message to all the gay people of Amsterdam.”

Mr Vroege’s Grindr profile has the tag line “Have I got a date with you on March 19?” But does not offer dates, just chat.

The candidate has also listed his stats such as height, weight and age. He also disclosed his relationship status as partnered.

The politicians are in the D66 party, which is a progressive party in the Netherlands.

Mr Vroege said: “in the first night I got 35 connections … People thought this was a great way to bring attention to the elections and D66”.

The elections will take place on 19 March.