Columnist Julie Burchill: Trans women are just ‘big white blokes who have cut their cocks off’

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Columnist and writer Julie Burchill has caused offence to the trans community yet again by taking to the comments section of an article to claim that trans women shouldn’t call themselves women.

The self-described ‘radical feminist’ previously wrote for the Guardian,Observer, Mirror and Belfast Telegraph but now more frequently writes for the Spectator.

Burchill made the comments on a Vice Magazine column by prominent trans activist and journalist Paris Lees, in which she talked about catcalling, and questioned whether enjoying the attention of men in the street effectively made her a “bad feminist.”

The Sugar Rush writer said: “Paris, you like it because you ARE still a YOUNG GAY BOY. And that’s what YOUNG GAY BOYS LIKE! Bless!

“Paris, if you were a BORN WOMAN, bothered since the age of 12 by GROWN MEN, you wouldn’t find it fun. You’d find it boring, wearisome, wearing. When you’re a plain old trans, ten years from now, you’ll get a big old identity crisis on, if you rely on random lechery for self-esteem.

“I bet B*tch [Paris Lees] will come up with a ‘sexy reason’ for foot-binding next. [Female Genital Mutilation], even. Didn’t I hear that a ‘transwoman’ thought we Radical Feminists were fussing about too much about FGM? What price the genital mutilation of a 7 year old brown-skinned girl child when THE MOST IMPORANT THING IN THE WORLD is big white blokes having their cocks cut off on the NHS?

She also called another commenter who questioned whether the comments had come from the real Julie Burchill a “BELL END”.


Paris Lees wrote the piece for Vice Magazine

She went on: “No human who did not grow up as a girl can call themselves a woman. Any more than a white human can become a black human. Delude yourselves all you like, but in the way you lot harass born women, your bully boy side always shines through. And no amount of lipstick and plastic tits can cover that up.”

After deleting the comments, Burchill wrote an apology (also deleted), which said “I still think the piece is daft, but be young, be foolish, be happy and that. And the gender-mocking was out of order. I’m too old and ugly to act like such a brat! Best wishes and won’t happen again – JB.”

Last year, Burchill was involved with a similar controversy when she wrote an offensive article in defence of her friend and fellow writer Suzanne Moore – who had also caused offence in the trans community with some of her remarks in an article that was published first in the New Statesman and then in the Guardian.

In her piece headed “Transsexuals should cut it out”, Burchill described trans people as “shims”, “shemales” and “bed-wetters in bad wigs”.

Burchill and Lees recently got into an argument following a debate on the Spectator. In a piece on the site, Burchill talked about arguing with people in online comment sections, including an “angry trans-person”, who she ironically said used “Krazy Kapitals”.

Burchill did not immediately respond to calls for comment from PinkNews.