Turing biology article validated 60 years after being written

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Just months after a long-awaited official pardon, and sixty years after it was written, the only biology article by gay computer genius and mathematician Alan Turing has been validated through experiments.

Brandeis University and the University of Pittsburgh have provided experimental evidence which validates the theory, based on cell-like structures and their formation.

The chemical theory by Turing related to the process through which organisms gain their distinct shape, and how cells differentiate between each other, called “morphogenesis”.

It sought to ascertain how something like an embryo, made up of identical cells, can form into shapes with defined features.

Turing had predicted six ring-like patterns of cells, which were all discovered during the experiment, as well as one other, which had not been predicted.

The theory was first published in 1952 in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society just after the genius was sentenced to chemical castration for being gay.

This latest news is being hailed as the latest proof that Turing was an expert in various fields, and as testimony to the great loss Britain suffered through his suicide after being chemically castrated for being gay.

Turing was only offered an apology by the British Government in 2009, and an official pardon was extendedon 23 December 2013.

A petition was earlier this year started to push the Government to rename the August Bank Holiday after late gay computer genius and codebreaker Alan Turing, rather than after Margaret Thatcher. The private members bill to name it after Thatcher failed earlier this month.