UK: Protest held outside Ugandan High Commission over anti-gay law

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A protest was held outside the Ugandan High Commission in London this evening, calling on Uganda to repeal its anti-gay law.

The protest, held outside Uganda House in Trafalgar Square, was jointly organised by the African LGBTI Out & Proud Diamond Group and the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Edwin Sesange, who led the protest, said: “We are urging the repeal of all Uganda’s anti-gay laws – both the new legislation and the old nineteenth century colonial-era criminalisation of homosexuality.”

Richard Banadda, who co-ordinated the protest, said: “The Ugandan Government should work towards building partnerships with other countries that respect human rights, instead of isolating itself with laws that violate international humanitarian statutes.

“This law is scaring away foreign investors, expatriates, tourists and aid donors. The law also diverts attention from the main problems affecting Uganda, such as poverty and under-resourced medical and educational facilities.”

President Yoweri Museveni signed a law last month further criminalising homosexuality in Uganda, which invokes harsh penalties for gay sex.

He said at the time: “It is our view that we punish exhibitionism, recruiters and homosexual prostitutes.”

Following the signing of the law, Uganda faced sanctions and cuts in aid from the West, including from the World Bank, the US, the UKthe European Union, SwedenNorway, Denmark and The Netherlands.