President Museveni: ‘Uganda doesn’t need Western things like oral sex or aid money’

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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that Uganda ‘doesn’t need’ aid money cut over his anti-gay law, and has warned of ‘more terrible things’ to come from the West, like oral sex.

Speaking to a rally of people celebrating the country’s new anti-gay law today, the President dismissed pressure and aid cuts from the EU.

He said: “Europeans are threatening us with aid because they see that we are lazy, what aid does Uganda need? In Uganda we grow two crops a year, in Europe they grow one crop.

“We don’t need aid in the first place, Uganda is one of the richest countries on Earth!”

He also warned there are “more terrible things” than homosexuality in Western culture, like oral sex.

He told the crowd: “Oral sex! The mouth is for eating, it’s not for that purpose.”

Signs at the rally read “Thank you for saving the future of Uganda” and “Obama, we want trade, not homosexuality”.

According to Reuters, Western donors have so far halted or re-directed about $118m (£71m) in aid to the country, which despite Museveni’s claims could spark a serious financial crisis in the country.

The US Government last week said it was planning to take “additional steps” to put pressure on Uganda over the law.