Daily Mail poll: 20% more men would like to date Nigel Farage than Nick Clegg

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A poll for the Daily Mail has claimed that where 10% of men think Nick Clegg “would make a good date,” 12% would prefer the company of Nigel Farage.

The ComRes survey, published on Tuesday, was commissioned to compare public opinions between the two party leaders.

Among the findings, it reported people found Nigel Farage “knows what he is talking about” and “tells the truth” marginally more than Nick Clegg.

However, Nick Clegg was also less “sleazy” than Nigel Farage, and Mr Farage was rated as 65% “more of a danger to Britain.”

According to the poll, 13% of women thought Mr Clegg would ‘make a good date’, compared to just 8% for Mr Farage.

The opposite was true for men however, who came in for Mr Farage at 12% compared to Nick Clegg at 10%.

Both leaders came in at equal odds for who would make a good “Prime Minister,” with 18% of the vote on both sides.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said equal marriage means “opening up a very big can of worms” – whilst refusing to confirm whether he supports the principle of the reform.

In an apparent UKIP breakdown in internal communication last month, PinkNews received and answers to a readers’ Q&A confirmed by an official spokesman to have been approved by Nigel Farage which stated that the party was reviewing all of its policies including its previously stated opposition to same-sex marriage.

One day later, Mr Farage released a statement reiterating the party’s opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming the answers to the Q&A were sent in error. 

In a YouTube video, Nick Clegg offered congratulations to all same-sex couples getting married last weekend, as the law changed on 29 March.