Evangelical Alliance: Equal marriage could lead to bisexuals marrying ‘both male and female partners’

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Northern Ireland’s Evangelical Alliance has claimed that equal marriage is a premise to be “outrightly rejected” as it would also include the rights for bisexual people to marry “both their male and female partners.”

According to News Letter, David Smyth, public policy officer at Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, said Saturday’s introduction of same-sex marriages in England and Wales was “concerning” for many Christians.

He said: “While Saturday was a day of celebration for some, it was a concerning day for many.

“Christian opposition to same-sex marriage was never just about protecting churches. It’s always been about the wellbeing and welfare of family and communities for generations to come.

“The whole idea of ‘equal’ marriage comes from a premise that many outrightly reject, that marriage is an inequality to be corrected.”

He added: “This change in marriage law was argued on the grounds of equality and love.

“What about ‘equal marriage’ for the bisexual person who is ‘banned’ from being able to marry both their male and female partners?”

Previously, during a debate around same-sex marriage in England and Wales, the leader of the Evangelical Alliance said there was “definitely a choice element” in sexuality.

He added that a “chunk” of the gay community would testify that they chose to be attracted to the same sex.

Northern Ireland remains the only remaining UK nation where equal marriage has not been legalised.

Amnesty International and gay rights pressure group the Rainbow Project have previously warned that the government in Northern Ireland will face legal action over its refusal to adopt same-sex marriage.