Watch: Thousands of Ugandans march to celebrate anti-gay bill passage

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Thousands of Ugandans attended a ‘thanksgiving’ march to celebrate the passage of an anti-gay law.

Speaking at the event yesterday, President Museveni scoffed at Western plans to withdraw aid over the bill, and warned of “more terrible things” in the West, such as oral sex.

Ugandans marched through the streets of Kampala, bearing signs thanking Museveni for passing the bill, and singing anti-gay chants.

MP David Bahti, the architect of the bill, delivered a speech thanking the president for the signing it into law.

He said: “Today, we come here again to celebrate sovereignty and freedom, [and] to take charge of our destiny.

“The citizens of Uganda are with you, Mr. President. The religious and cultural leaders are with you, Mr. President. The members of Parliament and the nation is behind you.”

After pressure from the EU and the United States, Western donors have so far halted or re-directed about $118m (£71m) in aid to the country, which despite Museveni’s claims could spark a serious financial crisis.

Gay Ugandan activists held their first pride parade in the city last year, amid fears of homophobic attacks.