US radio presenter: Homeless gay teens have only themselves to blame

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Christian radio host Linda Harvey has claimed that gay teenagers have only themselves to blame if they end up homeless.

Harvey, who founded Ohio-based anti-gay group Mission America, dismissed the possibility that “kids are kicked out of their homes just for being who they are”, and said that most homeless teens are to blame for their situation.

She said: “The teen storms out by choice and leaves voluntarily because the homosexual relationship is more important than that of his or her parents.

“And when that all-important relationship ends, the teen is too stubborn or already too involved in alcohol or drugs or the premature independence of the homosexual life and he or she would rather drift than return home.

“I’ve heard [it] far too often.”

A study conducted last year by the San Francisco Human Services Agency found that 29% of homeless people are LGBT, with a large number of young people.

Harvey has previously written a ‘gay cure’ book for parents whose children come out to them, and last year called a day of silence for anti-gay bulling “an abomination”.

Listen to the clip via Right Wing Watch below.