US radio host: People only accept being gay is not a choice because all gay people are lying about it

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A US radio host known for her anti-gay rhetoric has spoken out to claim that the only reason it is now widely accepted that being gay is not a choice is because gay people lie to “say so”.

Linda Harvey of Mission America made the claims on her radio broadcast. She also linked homosexuality to “child molestation”, and trauma, as well as suggesting that “abusive parents” were to blame for causing people to be gay, reports Right Wing Watch.

“The main reason people now believe some are born homosexual is because those who are currently committed to and want to continue this conduct say so,” she said.

“If the person really wants the truth” about why he or she is gay, it is almost always linked to reasons “from child molestation to other traumatic childhood experiences in childhood to neglectful, disordered or abusive parents.”

“The question becomes: do we want to know the truth?” Harvey asked. “Sometimes people hold onto what they know even if it is uncomfortable, even if they realize they could probably do something different because change can be a lot of work, change can mean confessing sin, change can mean your circumstances might be shaken up.”

Back in August, Harvey said that gay and lesbian people are attracted to people of the same sex because they are empty, and want to “absorb” the personalities of others.

Last month, Harvey attacked the US Supreme Court for its rulings in two key equal marriage cases, to call the justices “clueless, immoral leadership”.

PinkNews readers sometimes ask why it is that PinkNews reports on the latest vile outbursts by God Hates Fags organisers, the Westboro Baptist Church, or the most recent ludicrous and illogical statement by US radio personalities such like Linda Harvey

PinkNews founder Benjamin Cohen recently reflected on the importance of coverage on personalities such as Harvey, saying that by making the comments they do, they actually do a service to the LGBT community.