Katie Price: I don’t understand why Jessie J must announce her feelings about her sexuality

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Former glamour model Katie Price has questioned pop star Jessie J’s reasons for speaking out about her sexuality saying “it really doesn’t matter.”

Jessie J last week hit back at claims she “lied” about her sexuality for publicity.

The 26-year-old posted a long message on Twitter saying “I never lied about my sexuality, I never labelled myself.”

Previously, the former coach on ‘the Voice’ announced she was not bisexual and that dating women had been a “phase“.

Now Katie Price has written for her Now Magazine column: “I don’t understand why Jessie needed to announce her feelings.

“It really doesn’t matter what her preference is, as long as she’s happy in herself.”

She went on: “I know someone who’s experimented and must be bisexual, but he won’t admit it.

“The truth always comes out, so just express yourself.”

In 2011, Jessie J told Cosmopolitan that music executives had been “uncomfortable” with her sexuality.