Wyoming Governor: I believe marriage is between one man and one woman

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The governor of Wyoming has stated that he believes marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

Governor Matt Mead recently spoke at a news conference to stay that he believes Wyoming’s law which defines marriage as such should be defended against a lawsuit challenging it.

The Republican has now gone further to express his personal views, on Wednesday saying they are influenced by his religion. Mead is an Episcopalian.

Going on, however, he said he thought gay couples married out-of-state should have access to the state of Wyoming’s courts.

“While I disagree with perhaps what other states have done in regards to gay marriage, it’s a reality in other states,” he said.

“And those married couples will move to Wyoming. They are moving to Wyoming, and one of the hallmarks and strengths of Wyoming is our judicial system.

“And we need to make sure in Wyoming that those married gay couples know they have access to the courts, and then with that goes your dying spouse is on the deathbed and will you have access to say goodbye? Those types of things.”

Jeran Artery, who leaders Wyoming Unites for Marriage, said Mead’s stance was not a surprise.

Artery said: “When I’ve met with him personally in the past, he has said the same thing to me… What I would hope, though, is like so many other Americans, his views will evolve. I know a lot of the country is not where they need to be on this, but attitude and hearts and minds are changing very quickly. He doesn’t seem to me like he’s a close-minded person.”

The state of Wyoming earlier this month asked for a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by four gay couples asking to strike down its ban on same-sex marriage.