UFC champ fires employee he claims posted anti-gay slurs with his account

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UFC mixed martial arts fighter Jon Jones has fired an employee he claims was responsible for anti-gay slurs sent using his official Instagram account.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, who is currently the UFC light-heavyweight champion, had last week been accused of making anti-gay comments about a Swedish boy who had been heckling him on Twitter.

Messages posted by Jones’ official Instagram account on the boy’s page read: “fag boys”, “fag shit”, “you definitely have sexual identity issues”, and “homosexuality is a sin”.

His manager Malki Kawa later claimed the fighter’s phone had been stolen, while Jones himself said his account had been hacked.

Today Jones told MMAMania that it was actually the work of an employee, and claimed that the conflicting stories were because he happened to lose his phone at the same time as the employee posting the messages.

He said: “So basically I have had a whole bunch of people have my passwords to my social media and one of the guys that’s working with us, took it into his own hands to reply to the fans some negative stuff.

“It had been up on the internet for hours and Malki called me and he was like ‘did you write some sexual slurs to the fans’ and I said ‘what are you talking about bro?’

“I was actually at Verizon getting a new cell phone. He said ‘let me send you something’ and he sent me all the messages.

“Right away I was like ‘ahhhh’.

“No one believes me about it, but it’s one of those things where the people who decided to hate me are never going to believe me about it.

“Honestly I didn’t know and at the time the whole situation looked sticky because Malki is saying I lost my phone, which I did, but it had nothing to do with this whole situation.”

He added that the employee had “gotten fired from that team”, and that he had changed all his social media passwords.