Dan Savage: If there is a gay mafia, it’s the slowest mafia on earth

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Gay columnist Dan Savage has joked about claims of a ‘gay mafia’, saying that if it exists, it’s the slowest mafia on Earth.

He was responding to Bill Maher’s claim earlier this month that a gay mafia was responsible for the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, because “if you cross them, you do get whacked”.

Eich made the decision to step down as Mozilla’s CEO earlier this month, after his donations to anti-equal marriage campaigns came to light, and three board members resigned in protest.

Savage said: “This wasn’t really an issue in the gay community, it was an issue at Mozilla.

“There were people at Mozilla who didn’t want this man representing them.

“He was perceived by his own employees as an unacceptable CEO.

“If there is a gay mafia that whacks people, then it’s the slowest mafia on Earth to move, when you look at all the enemies of LGBT equality who are out there, and have been out there for years and years and years.

“There is no gay mafia, but we are reaching a kind of a tipping point on LGBT issues.”

Last year Savage launched a ‘Not All Like That’ campaign, for gay Christians who support equality and equal marriage.