Dan Savage imagined the election as if Donald Trump was gay, and it’s brutally honest

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Columnist and activist Dan Savage wrote about Donald Trump this week, but turned things around by imagining the GOP candidate as gay.

Savage wrote the piece to draw attention to the things Trump has done and said, but have flown because he is a straight, white man.

Dan Savage imagined the election as if Donald Trump was gay, and it’s brutally honest

Inappropriate comments about his daughter, walking into female changing rooms and even his treatment of kids are turned upside down by Savage.

To set the scene, the columnist re-writes an instance at one of Trump’s many rallies where the republican runner tries to appear child friendly.

“Revelations about Gay Donald are tumbling out—all these inappropriate comments Gay Donald made about the sexual desirability of pre-pubescent children—Gay Donald spots a pretty boy in the crowd at one of his rallies,” Savage writes

“Wow, so beautiful. Bring him, he’s so beautiful,” Gay Donald says. The pretty little boy is brought to Gay Donald, Gay Donald lifts the pretty little boy up on his arms, and then Gay Donald attempts to kiss the pretty little boy on the mouth. Twice.”

Savage goes on to lay out many similar scenes like this, but finishes with a pretty strong point.

“If Donald Trump were a gay man who couldn’t look at prepubescent boys without imagining himself “dating” them in a few years time, if Donald Trump were a gay man who said inappropriate things about his own son in public, if Donald Trump were a gay man who plucked pretty little boys out of crowds to kiss them on their mouths… Republican pundits, elected officials, operatives, and voters wouldn’t be calling him presidential. They would use a different word entirely to describe him.”

“It also starts with the letter P.”

Trump has caused outrage with his comments against women throughout his campaign trail and in a bid to attract support from evangelicals, has promised to go back on some historically important LGBT laws.

Trump has claimed he would “consider” appointing ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices to repeal equal marriage, came out in favour of North Carolina’s anti-trans law, and his running mate Mike Pence has confirmed he would dismantle Barack Obama’s protections for LGBT people.