Uganda proposes new law to tackle NGOs promoting ‘very bad homosexuality’

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Uganda says it plans to introduce a new law that would prohibit non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from promoting homosexuality, further tightening rules on same-sex activity in the country.

The proposed law comes in the wake of increasing pressure placed upon the country’s President Yoweri Museveni, by international rights groups following growing repression and opposition towards LGBT Ugandans.

The country’s Junior Internal Affairs Minister, James Baba argues that the proposed law is a result of NGOs previously promoting homosexuality.

He told Reuters: “There are some NGOs who have come here to undermine us, to promote very bad behaviour like homosexuality. As a responsible government we need to check that. They (NGOs) will not be able to do that when we pass this law.”

The new law will require any NGO wanting to work within the country to declare their annual budgets as well as accounting for any funds received from sources at the end of every year.

In addition, they will be prohibited from commenting on any Ugandan political movements, with Mr Baba saying: “It is for Ugandans to say whether Musevini should rule or should not rule. As a foreign NGO, what stake do you have in our politics?”

The law is currently being studied by the cabinet before being introduced in Parliament.

At the weekend a Republican state senator claimed that God would be upset that US Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to repeal Uganda’s anti-gay law with international pressure.