Mormon sexuality survey: Are you heterosexual, or heterosexual?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A survey aimed at young Mormons asked them about their sexual orientation, without giving any predefined options other than heterosexual.

The survey was distributed by the church last week to students at Brigham Young university, and to members of a Young Single Adult Mormon congregation.

The only listed sexual orientations were ‘I am heterosexual and do not struggle with same-sex attraction’, ‘I am heterosexual, but I struggle with same-sex attraction’, or ‘Other’.

According to the New Civil Rights Movement, the survey stated it was “to help the Quorum of the Twelve better understand what members believe about same sex attraction”.

Jessica Moody told the Salt Lake Tribune it has since been reworded “to better convey the intent of the question”.

The question has now been changed to ‘Do you experience same-sex attraction?’, with answers yes, no and other.

Moody said the survey was part of “broader research (…) to understand the attitudes and opinions of millennials.”

Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn came out earlier this month, saying he would never renounce his Mormon faith despite the ‘terrible’ things said by the church’s leaders.

At the church’s spring conference, senior church members said that God would always be opposed to ‘redefining’ marriage.