Australia: Rugby League investigating player who called opponent a ‘f***ing gay c**t’

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A New South Wales rugby player could face a fine or suspension, after he was heard calling an opponent a “f***ing gay c**t” on live TV.

The NSW Under-20s player, who has not been named, made the comments to Queensland player Luke Bateman during a match yesterday, prompting the NRL to investigate.

The comments were picked up by the referee’s microphone, and were heard on the match’s live TV coverage.

Over 100,000 people were watching the game on Fox Sports when the player made the slur, according to reports.

NRL chief executive Dave Smith said the match review committee would review the footage, and determine if the player should be charged over the incident, which could result in a fine or suspension.

He said: “There is no place for any form of discrimination in our game.

“Rugby League is a game for everyone and we will not tolerate slurs based on gender, race, sexuality or any other matter.

“The NRL is determined to stamp out discrimination in our game.

“This matter will be investigated fully and, if any player has vilified an opponent, appropriate action will be taken.”

Bateman told officials he that he was allowing NRL to investigate the matter, but does not plan to issue a formal complaint against the player.

Last month, the NRL signed a new charter committing to clamp down on homophobia in the sport, alongside the National Rugby Union, Football Federation of Australia and Cricket Australia.