This deleted scene from Baby Reindeer offers up a happy ending – for one character at least

Nava Mau stars as Teri in new Netflix show Nava Mau.

Baby Reindeer is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, and its led to a lot of questions about Richard Gadd – the writer and lead actor – and his stalker.

The show is inspired by real events; Gadd says he was stalked and harassed by a woman over the course of three years after meeting her in a pub.

The ordeal led to 4,000 emails, door-stopping, and hours of voicemail messages left by “Martha“, as she’s called in the programme.

In the show, while being stalked by Martha, Donny (Gadd) meets a woman named Teri (Nava Mau) on a dating app but Martha drives a wedge between them and their relationship sadly fizzles out.

But Nava Mau has revealed that there is a deleted scene which offers more insight into the end of their relationship and what happens next.

“So often we’ve seen stories of trans people that end with them broken”

Speaking to GQ, Mau said: “There actually was one piece of Teri and Donny’s relationship in the script and I performed it. Teri leaves Donny a voicemail five months later. So I think, for me, I got closure because Teri did too.”

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Mau didn’t go into details about the content of the voicemail but she said that it gave her comfort because “they found peace with regards to their relationship.”

“Teri got her happy ending, you know? Teri found a new man, she didn’t lose her friends, she didn’t lose her job, she didn’t lose her smile. She’s good. And I think that is remarkable, because so often we’ve seen stories of trans people that end with them broken.”

Both Mau and her character Teri are trans women, which is what drew Mau to the script in the first place. She previously told Netflix’s fan event Tudum: “When I was reading the script, it felt like the first time reading a character written by someone who actually had known and loved a trans woman.”

Teri is Mau’s biggest role to date but she also had a stint in the HBO queer teen comedy drama Genera+ion.

Baby Reindeer is available for streaming on Netflix now.