UK: Lesbian couple furious over attempt to cancel their wedding reception

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A lesbian couple in Derbyshire were left furious after an attempt to cancel their wedding reception by an anonymous caller.

Sarah Sibley, 36, and Debbie Hallam 42, married last Friday in Ilkeston, Erewash, but not before someone attempted to cancel the couple’s wedding reception.

Sarah told the Eastwood Advertiser: “We had a phone call from the venue saying someone had called them up tried to cancel the booking.

“I went into a mad panic and ended up ringing round everywhere to make sure they’d not cancelled everything else.”

However the wedding, the first same-sex marriage conducted in Ilkeston, took place as planned last Friday.

Sarah said: “Even the women at the register office were crying. They’ve obviously done same-sex services before, but because this was a wedding rather than a civil partnership I think the occasion just got to them.”

Both brides swept down the aisle to Ellie Goulding’s, How Long Will I Love You? after exchanging their vows.