Prominent American author believes UK is more welcoming than US of LGBT characters

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The US is less likely to accept LGBT characters in their books, according to author Cassandra Clare.

Ms Clare, an American national who was born in Iran is best known for penning the “Mortal Instruments” series.

Film adaptations of the 6 book series began in 2012.

The writer has said that her books have been banned in several US libraries due to the inclusion of gay characters.

She told The Bookseller about her work being barred: “It certainly does happen in the US and when parents raise concerns about content they usually mean gay, lesbian and bisexual characters.

“There have been times when my books have been taken out of classes or libraries and that’s always a distressing feeling.”

Ms Clare has said she has yet to have her books removed from any UK libraries, and that this reflects the more inclusive attitude the UK adopts towards LGBT characters.

The author also added that the inclusion of gay characters is important in teen literature, adding: “You want teenagers who are gay, lesbian, bi or questioning to access books with characters like them in them.”

Clare has claimed that she constantly receives praise and “wonderful feedback” from teenagers, despite some concerns from adults.