Best-selling author claims she’s ‘attacked for being heterosexual’

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An acclaimed author has claimed she’s “being attacked for being heterosexual”.

S.E. Hinton, a writer of young adult novels, has been criticised for the absence of LGBT characters in her books.

The author, 68, responded on Twitter by saying she won’t apologise for being straight, before claiming she’s being “attacked for being heterosexual”.


Users reacted angrily to the post, saying she is dismissing the inclusion of LGBT characters altogether.





It comes after a series of major media organisations said that LGBT characters are under-represented in the media.

The BBC now says that new story tellers must include representation of minority groups, such as LGBT people, if they’re to be commissioned in future.

Ms Hinton has responded to the row with a series of posts defending her stance.

She continues to claim she’s being attacked due to her sexual orientation.