BNP leader Nick Griffin defends ‘militant homosexuals’ recruitment video

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British National Pary leader Nick Griffin has defended a video created to promote his party which claims “militant homosexuals” want same-sex marriage to destroy families.

The video, released on Tuesday, claims gay people are part of an “unholy alliance” controlling the country as well as bankers, Zionists, Marxists and the media.

It states: “The militant homosexuals who push for gay marriage and gay adoption in order to destroy the traditional family unit.

“We want the promotion of the traditional family and our core Christian values.”

Mr Griffin told Sky News: “Whatever people say about the BNP they know where we stand.

“Those youngsters came to us and they wrote that thing from beginning to end themselves.

“I stand by every word of that, because everything they said is true.”

Griffin previously described gay people as “creepy” and admitted that he would like to ban civil partnerships.

The MEP said that one of the children featured in the video was his own daughter.

Ahead of next weeks European Election, Griffin also told Sky News about the difficulty the party faces at the election because of UKIP.

He said: “A BNP vote is to stop all immigration – black, brown, white or green – the country’s full.”

In August 2013, Griffin was criticised for homophobic and racist remarks during a Twitter conversation with user Arif Ali, who was called a “hysterical little poof”.