Big Brother’s Catholic topless model: Shoot poofs that use words like ‘lush’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Big Brother contestant who caused controversy by saying same-sex marriage is “just not right”, has also called for “poofs” who say words like “lush” to be shot.

Danielle McMahon, who entered the Big Brother house last week, works as an underwear model and had featured topless in Nuts magazine. She said in an interview with the Daily Star that due to her Catholic beliefs, she thinks same-sex marriage is “just not right”.

In a series of tweets sent from what appears to be McMahon’s Twitter account last year, McMahon called gay people “poofs” and “freaks”, suggested that they are not actually men, telling them to “man up”.

In one tweet she said: “Just seen a supposed guy use the word lush…. Shoot him, shoot him now How utterly cringe and vile #manup #poof.

In another, she said: “Men should be men not use the same sayings and do the same things as girls #poof #stepouttheclosetufreak.”

“Urgh some people are so cringe Thank god they are out my life #poof #manupyoucreep“, a third message read.

Danielle is up for eviction this week, along with Tamara Stewart-Wood and Jale Karaturp.

Despite working as a topless model, McMahon got annoyed when other housemates were discussing porn in the garden this week.

Fellow housemate, Playboy bunny Kimberly Kisselovich, got into a debate with McMahon this week, as the two clashed over the former’s acceptance of gay people.

Channel 5 has not yet responded to a call for comment from PinkNews.