Michael Barrymore breaks down as he talks about suicide attempt and drug use

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Michael Barrymore has spoken emotionally of how he attempted to take his own life on several occasions.

Appearing yesterday on a celebrity special of The Jeremy Kyle Show, the gay former game show host and comedian said: “I’ve been taken off to the hospital a couple of times.

“Pills, too many pills, just chuck a load (in my mouth) … I bought them from the chemist. I think that was a cry for help.”

His last attempt at taking his own life was four years ago.

The 62-year-old also spoke of the day he found the body of Stuart Lubbock in the swimming pool at his home following a party 13 years ago.

“I just froze. That was my very first thought. I ran back into the house to get help, then the two boys started giving CPR and then the ambulance was called for and that in turn calls the police. And I was stood … just in complete shock.

“The first thing I did wasn’t run away, the first thing I did was run to get help.”

In his interview Barrymore broke down in tears recalling his acrimonious split from wife Cheryl, who divorced him after he came out as gay in 1995. Cheryl died of lung cancer in 2005.

The star said his use of alcohol and drugs stemmed from keeping his sexual orientation hidden.

“I don’t think it noticed too much at the beginning because we both drank, obviously I drank more,” he said. “I think we maybe drank the same sometimes but she controlled it better.

“I was her husband, her lover, her child and her career all wrapped up into one, 24/7 and that’s a lot of pressure on both and I don’t knock it because I think she was a major part of my success. I loved her to death despite what people write or have written in the past about what our relationship was about.”

He added: “If I hadn’t (come out) I truly believe I would have died, because I believe that my drinking and my (drug) using was getting worse because of it.”