US: Murder suspect claims gay victim ‘tried to rape him’

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A Kentucky man suspected of murder claims his victim had tried to force him into having sex.

26-year-old Arthur Michael DeCarvalho, of Dunedin, Kentucky, faces a charge of first-degree murder for killing David Elsey, 50.

According to TBO, court records state that DeCarvalho was found wandering the streets while drunk by police, and confessed to bashing Elsey’s head in with a hatchet.

DeCarvalho claims that he was staying with Elsey, but that the older man – who is gay – attempted to force himself on him, leading to the attack.

He told officers that he was heterosexual, and had only been using Elsey for a place to stay.

However, according to the court records, police found Elsey dead in his home, lying naked on his bed, tied up by his arms and legs with cord.

A hatchet was found next to his body, and he had been struck approximately 10 times in the head.

The case is ongoing.

Earlier this month, a man suspected of assaulting two transgender women on an Atlanta train claimed he panicked and attacked them because they came on to him.