Family ‘suspects hate crime’ after gay man tied up and murdered in Texas

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A Texas family believe their son’s murder could be a potential hate crime – after his body was found tied up and beaten.

The family of 28-year-old Marc Pourner had grown concerned last week when he did not turn up for work in Houston, and reported him missing.

However, he was pronounced dead on Saturday, when police identified his remains and vehicle in Montgomery County.

According to local LGBT news outlet About News, investigators believe he may have been restrained with evidence of blunt force trauma. His truck was also set on fire.

His family say that the case is a possible hate crime, though police are yet to confirm they are treating it as such.

The victim’s father, Mark Pourner told KTRK he believes the murder could be a hate crime based on his son’s sexuality.

He added: “In our discussion with the detectives one of the first things I told them when they briefed us this morning was that one of the things that struck me about how this crime was carried out was the speed and cold efficiency that it took place with.
Family ‘suspects hate crime’ after gay man tied up and murdered in Texas
“I told the detective that in my opinion that indicated to me that this person has probably killed before and I have no doubt that they would kill again.”