Video: ‘In my youth I was raped and my girlfriend murdered – but I still face homophobia in old age’

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A woman who was raped in her youth in a violent homophobic attack says she continues to suffer homophobia in her old age from the very people tasked with providing her with care.

The story of Jo will be broadcast tonight on Channel 4 News in a report looking at the need to improve care provision for older members of the LGBT community.

Jo has had 11 carers, many of whom she says refused to dress her and were often critical of her sexuality.

As a young woman, she was raped one night in a homophobic attack involving several men. Her girlfriend was murdered.

Jo said: “There were about 15 to 16 blokes outside. The three of us came out … I was dressed in a suit and tie … I heard the remarks about you know ‘it’s a bloody lesbian”.

She added: “We were raped and my girlfriend got murdered”.

Last weekend, the Royal College of Nursing warned that older people living with HIV are being “failed” by parts of the NHS when it comes to nursing care.

Meanwhile actor Sir Derek Jacobi is backing the work of Opening Doors London (ODL) to improve care provision for older members of the LGBT community.

The charity warns that many older LGBT people risk being forced back into the closet at the point they start to need care.

According to ODL, older LGBT people are three times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to be single and live alone.

They are less likely to have children and far more likely to be estranged from their families.

And they are at increased risk of experiencing mental health problems.