UK: Bisexual asylum seeker’s deportation flight to Jamaica cancelled

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A bisexual man learnt last night that he would not be deported to Jamaica.

Orashia Edwards, 33, was due to be deported at around midday today after his asylum claim was rejected.

He is now in court in London submitting new evidence, according to No Borders Leeds.

Mr Edwards argues that there is a significant risk he will be harmed due to his sexuality if deported to Jamaica.

However an immigration court concluded yesterday that he had been “dishonest” about his sexuality.

Mr Edwards has lived in the UK since May 2012 and has not been to Jamaica for 14 years, according to campaigners.

In 2000, he fled Jamaica to Antigua where he felt attitudes to his sexuality would be more tolerant.

Once in Antigua, he started a relationship with a woman who subsequently tried to blackmail him over his sexuality, his supporters said.

He then came to the UK, where his family live, to claim asylum.

“The UK has a proud history of granting asylum to those who need it and we consider every application on its individual merits,” a Home Office spokesperson told

“Mr Edwards was found not to need the protection of the UK and this decision has been upheld in the courts by an independent immigration judge who did not find Mr Edwards’ claims to be credible.”

The spokesperson refused to comment on why Mr Edwards was only informed last night that he would not be deported today.

The spokesperson also refused to comment on whether he was booked onto another deportation flight.

The case has been reported in national newspapers in Jamaica.

Violent homophobia and transphobia remains a key problem in Jamaican society.

Transgender teenager Dwayne Jones was murdered in the Jamaican suburban parish of St James last July.

Over 900 people have signed a petition in support of Edwards staying.