Russell Brand: Opposing equal marriage is pointless, spend time with your loved ones instead

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Russell Brand has ridiculed anti-gay activist Dr Ben Carson, advising him to take up gardening and spend more time with his loved ones.

On his web series The Trews, Brand mocked a Fox News interview with Carson, who recently claimed same-sex marriage is a “plot” conceived by the New World Order to impose communism.

In the interview, Carson claimed that marriage should not be redefined because it’s a “fundamental pillar of society”.

Brand said: “How can you get attached to the fundamental definition of a pillar of society? Oi, that’s a pillar of society! You know it’s only a metaphor?

“If an issue is important, how important can it be if you ignored it and did nothing, there are no consequences?

“What do they think would happen, if he thought ‘oh, I’ll focus on my garden, and the people I know and love, and getting involved in communal activity’… do they think it’d get out of control?

“Say he went ‘oh, just don’t worry about gay marriage’ … nothing would happen, if he would just try doing nothing. ‘It’s mandatory now, everyone has to be forced to be gay married!'”

When Carson mentioned political correctness, Brand added: “Sometimes when people talk about political correctness, it’s not long before they say something either racist or homophobic. There you go mate, they’re right, aren’t they?

“It seems like a branding issue almost – it’s like he’s got his own version of Coca cola, and he doesn’t want anyone else calling it Coca Cola.

“THIS is marriage, her and him! Not her and her or him and him, you’re meddling with our recipe! Knowing there’s someone out there married to someone of the same gender… that’s ruining our marriage!

Carson apologised last year, after comparing gay people to paedophiles.