US: The What Is Butch? Campaign brings all-butch fashion to a Pennsylvania runway

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The What Is Butch? Campaign, an all-butch lesbian fashion show, will be displaying in Pittsburgh this Friday.

The show is entitled I-Dentify: The Truth Lies Within and will feature about 25 models, 10 designers, and live entertainment.

The What Is Butch? Campaign’s focus is to educate, liberate and redirect misconceptions about the butch community. The campaign works towards this goal through producing the nation’s first traveling fashion show celebrating queer masculinity.

The fashion show has been displayed in various cities across the country since their first show in October 2012. The show celebrates dominant lesbians, masculine of center persons, queer, androgynous and transmen-bodied models on the runway.

Executive producer Fallon Davis said of the Pittsburgh show: “We are taking art and entertainment to the next level with this show. Our venue, The Andy Warhol Museum, is phenomenal. It’s definitely the next step in the direction we want to go as far as making it the feel of New York Fashion Week – actually bringing the real fashion theme to this community and to these models.

“This show is history in the making because Pittsburgh has never had a show of this kind there at all. It’s a big deal. We had to go all out.”

Davis said of the campaign: “It’s great vibes, great energy. It’s definitely a powerful movement for the community. Period.”

The event is co-sponsored by Pennsylvania’s Garden of Peace Project, an organization that seeks to increase the health and well-being of the LGBT community.

The I-Dentify: The Truth Lies Within fashion show starts at 9 p.m. Friday at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Tickets for the show can be purchased online or at the door.

Watch a video of the What Is Butch? Campaign’s 2013 California show below.

Warning: This video contains a song with graphic language.