Australia: Football commentator labels player a ‘big poofter’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

An Australian football commentator has been condemned for labelling a player a “big poofter”.

Channel Seven’s AFL commentator Brian Taylor made the remark during the run-up to a Sydney v Carlton game, when footage was played of Geelong player Harry Taylor celebrating his 150th match.

Interrupting the pre-match presenters, he said: “I don’t know whether you guys down there can hear me or not… I am up here getting ready for the game and I’ve just seen that crap from Harry — he’s a big poofter.

“You can’t be doing the old royal wave, Harry, next thing you’ll have your mum and dad out there.”

After a frosty reaction from fans, he retracted his comments during half-time, saying: “In the pre-game show I said something that I regret, and I sincerely apologise in regard to Harry Taylor and anyone, and particularly Harry and any of his friends, that were offended by my remark.

“I apologise for that and I sincerely regret any harm that I have caused.”

Geelong recently became the first Australian rules football club to back a campaign for marriage equality.

Earlier this year, representatives from the Australian Football League, as well as Australia Rugby Union, National Rugby League, Football Federation of Australia and Cricket Australia, committed to a  strict new charter, designed to stamp out homophobia across all sports in the country.

Listen to the clip below: