US: New web series takes on Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policies

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A new dramatic web series is hoping to chronicle the struggles of being gay in scouting.

Camp Abercorn, a web series inspired by The Boy Scouts of America, follows a summer in the lives of Compass Guide leaders.

One of the story lines in the series is that of a gay Compass Guide leader who struggles to hide his sexuality to keep his position.

Creator Jeffrey Simon, an out gay Eagle Scout, used his experiences with the BSA to inspire Camp Abercorn.

On the show’s campaign site, Simon writes: “In telling our story we hope to lend support to what America needs now more than ever; the awesome potential of Scouting for shaping boys into the men who will lead us into the future; men who treat everyone equally regardless of their gender or sexual preference.”

The show is slated to begin filming soon, using crowdfunding as its source of funding.

The BSA recently reaffirmed their stance on banning gay men from being organisation leaders.

The organisation started allowing gay youth as scouts this past January.

Watch a trailer for the series below: