US columnist: Archie promotes gays and makes children sexually curious

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A US columnist has accused the creators of Archie comics of trying to promote homosexuality to children so that LGBT people can have ‘new flesh’.

In her article for right-wing website WorldNetDaily, Marisa Martin writes: “The liberal bigotry from Archie Comics is quite clear.”

Referring to the news that the comics’ protagonist Archie will be killed while protecting his gay friend, she criticises what she calls “Fabricating a homosexual hero merely to propagandize certain sexual proclivities via children’s comics”, reports RightWingWatch.

Martin also questions the legitimacy of straight-gay friendships, saying, “How many straight guys have a ‘gay’ best friend, anyway?

“Perhaps an acquaintance or even a few friends, but Kevin and Archie discussing baseball and the comparative hotness of his babes?”

She also questions the motives of Archie publisher and co-CEO John Goldwater, writing: “Merits of homosexuality are never discussed in Goldwater’s interviews or the appropriateness of forcing it on children either.

“Why not have Archie die for Mother Teresa or a bus load of children? No political capital.”

Her self-confessed “conspiracy theory” is that “Thanks to public education, the tireless campaigning of Planned Parenthood and self-interested work of LGBT groups who do not wish to run out of new flesh, your children and grandchildren will be much more sexually sophisticated and curious.”

In her column, Martin goes on to talk about her “shock at first learning about homosexuality, thanks to junior high sex-ed”.

She says she was “blissfully unaware of the mechanics of the act, although kids have probably been calling each other ‘faggot’ for centuries. Still most of us had no idea exactly what that entailed – maybe something like weird hair – and we somehow survived.”

In 2012, the Archie series featured a marriage between a gay couple.

Despite protests which included the American Family Association’s maternal pressure group One Million Moms, the issue that centred around the wedding completely sold out.