US: ‘Pro-gay’ Republican group endorses Florida governor opposed to same-sex marriage

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The Log Cabin Republicans of Miami have endorsed Florida Governor Rick Scott – despite his attorney general fighting same-sex marriage.

The ‘pro-gay’ Republican group announced their endorsement of Scott’s re-election campaign today, despite his lack of support for same-sex marriage.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has fought aggressively against same-sex marriage in the court system, while Governor Scott has refused to answer questions at all about equal marriage.

The lobbying group wrote: “As members of the LGBT community, we understand the importance of marriage equality.

“However we are not and have never been one issue voters. While Rick Scott has not publicly expressed full support for marriage equality, he has never argued against it.

“He has, however, improved the State of Florida by leaps and bounds!

“We must remember that as responsible citizens we cannot simply cast a vote based on one issue.

“We must choose the best candidate who will represent the state and provide a better quality of life for all.

“Log Cabin Republicans of Miami are proud to Endorse the Re-Election of Rick Scott for Governor of Florida.”

In July, the Log Cabin Republicans attacked the multitude of LGBT rights groups who dropped their support for an equal rights bill over a religious ‘license to discriminate’ provision.

The group claimed that the organisations are “ignorant” of political reality.