30 Rock star marries same-sex partner

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30 Rock star Cheyenne Jackson has married his partner in an intimate LA ceremony.

Jackson regularly appeared in the sitcom as Danny Baker until 2012, and is also known for his work on Broadway and guest stint on Glee.

He tied the knot yesterday with entrepreneur Jason Landau – who he met last year in rehab – in an interfaith ceremony in Encino, California.

The actor told People: “This means a new beginning for us. It was love at first sight and this is just the culmination of that.

“We’ve both been through a lot in our lives… we got sober together. Now we sing and we dance together. It blows my mind.”

Landau added of the ceremony: “There were branches of trees hovering over the tennis court we’re on with over 100 mini chandeliers draping the entire party. It was gorgeous.”

The ceremony was attended by several big names, including out actress Jane Lynch.

Jackson was previously married to physicist Monte Lapka, but the pair split a year ago.

Fellow 30 Rock alum Maulik Pancholy, who played Jack on the show, came out as gay last year after celebrating a nine-year anniversary with his partner.

Earlier this year, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan complained that people are constantly trying to ‘surround his career’ with allegations of homophobia.

In 2011, the comedian launched into an anti-gay tirade during a comedy show, saying that if his son came out, “he would pull out a knife and stab that little [slur] to death.”