Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn calls Scottish Tory leader a ‘fat lesbian’

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Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn has labelled Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative party, a “fat lesbian”.

Mr Coburn, who is UKIP’s most prominent gay politician but opposes same-sex marriage, managed to clinch the party’s first seat in Scotland during May’s European elections.

According to the Daily Record, he was overheard on a train ripping into other Scottish politicians, labelling Ms Davidson a “fat lesbian” and Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont a “fish wife”.

He added: “Voting Green is a cult like Scientology or something.”

When challenged by the newspaper, he said: “I’m a fat Scotsman, there so. I don’t recall any of this.”

A UKIP spokesperson also brushed off the claims, adding: “David Coburn has no recollection of the alleged conversation.”

Mr Coburn is no stranger to controversial remarks, claiming earlier this month that the Scottish National Party’s electoral tactics are “fascist”, comparing Alex Salmond to Robert Mugabe.

He has previously claimed that “neo-right” activists are to blame for same-sex marriage, which he says“breeds” homophobia.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland,  responded to homophobic comments on social media during an independence debate earlier this month.

She said: “While I am not overly affected by it, I think it is important that young LGBT people know that they don’t have to just accept the kind of hate words which are thrown about online and which are unacceptable.”

Mr Coburn, who was previously the party’s London regional chairman, declared that same-sex marriage was “unnecessary” while writing for PinkNews in 2012.