American Family Association: Christian business owners facing ‘mandatory gay brain-washing’

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Christian business owners are facing “mandatory gay brain-washing”, according to the American Family Association.

The anti-gay group’s president Tim Wildmon claimed in an email to supporters that business owners with Christian values “face fines [and] mandatory gay brain-washing”.

He said: “Homosexual activists are now intentionally seeking out Christian business owners for the sole purpose of attacking and destroying religious liberties.

“These are not made-up stories. They are real…and becoming more and more frequent.”

His examples of ‘persecuted’ businesses include a printer that refused to make fliers for a Pride parade, and wedding venue Liberty Ridge Farms, which refused to host a same-sex couple’s wedding.

The AFA previously claimed that gay rights activists ‘pro-actively’ stop Christians working as broadcasters, counsellors, photographers, bakers, florists, teachers, or innkeepers.

The group has previously refused a donation in an envelope with a Harvey Milk stamp on and claimed that Burger King will soon only sell gay burgers.

Mr Wildmon has previously said he thinks gay people kissing is “gross” – but also spends his time thinking about “beefcake” in the shower.