John McCain’s daughter celebrates marriage equality in Arizona: ‘F*** yes!’

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The daughter of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain has celebrated equal marriage arriving in the family’s home state of Arizona.

A judge struck down the Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban yesterday, and the state’s attorney general declined to appeal – allowing marriages to begin immediately.

Meghan McCain – the daughter of the 2008 Presidential candidate, who had anti-gay Sarah Palin as his running mate – was jubilant at the news.

The rights activist – who sits on the board of rights charity GLAAD despite her father’s opposition to equal marriage – tweeted: “Marriage equality is now legal in my home state of Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*** yes, finally!!!!!!!”

Senator John McCain continues to oppose equal marriage, despite both his wife and daughter supporting it.

He said last year: “I have changed my position on other issues in my life, but on this one, I had not contemplated changing my position.”

Meghan McCain is no stranger to public profanity, joking last year: “Being a Republican who supports gay marriage is a b**ch”.