Bush’s former Solicitor General: We’re past the point of no return on equal marriage

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Former US Solicitor General Ted Olson has said that the US is past the “point of no return” on same-sex marriage.

Mr Olson – who was the country’s second-ranked law official between June 2001 to July 2004 under George W Bush – said he thinks it is now impossible for the marriage equality movement to be stopped, given the stance of the Supreme Court.

Since leaving office, the Republican official has become an advocate for same-sex marriage, and previously challenged California’s Proposition 8 constitutional ban.

He told USA Today: “I could be wrong, but I do believe that this is a point of no return.

“I do not believe that the United States Supreme Court could rule that all of those laws prohibiting marriage are suddenly constitutional after all these individuals have gotten married and their rights have changed.

“To have that snatched away, it seems to me, would be inhuman, it would be cruel, and it would be inconsistent with what the Supreme Court has said about these issues in the cases that it has rendered.”

“The number of people who disagree is getting smaller and smaller.”

Last week, the US Attorney General announced that the federal government will recognise same-sex marriage in six more states – bringing the total to 32.

Watch the full interview via USA Today below: