Scottish Tory leader: Teens need to understand anti-gay slurs are not okay

(Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Openly gay Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has reacted to a report showing that homophobic bullying is still prevalent in schools.

A report released by Stonewall Scotland today showed that 90 percent of secondary school teachers admit that homophobic bullying happens in their schools, and just 16 percent have had specific training to deal with it.

Ruth Davidson, who became leader of the Scottish Tories in 2011, said on Twitter: “When ‘gay’ ‘poof’ ‘dyke’ are universally used as pejoratives, it is hugely damaging.

“Also, when they see homophobic abuse being hurled at gay people on social media, and done in an attempt to wound, they’ve got to know that that’s not OK. That they are allowed to call it out, it’s not acceptable.

“I get huge amounts of gay-bashing on my timeline and every now and again I republish to make the point.

“Disappointingly, some hacks have criticised me for giving idiots publicity.

“But young gay people have to know that you don’t just have to sit there and take being St Sebastianed on Twitter without response. It is not OK. We can say No.”

In September, UKIP’s only Scottish MEP David Coburn reportedly labelled Ms Davidson a “fat lesbian”.

He denies making the statement, saying: “I’m a fat Scotsman, there so. I don’t recall any of this.”