US: Man arrested over vicious attack on Ohio trans activist

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One man has been arrested over a brutal assault which left an Ohio trans woman with her jaw shattered.

Candice Rose Milligan was hospitalised for four days after the assault last Monday, when she was approached by three men and punched, kicked, and robbed of her mobile phone in downtown Toledo.

She has had to undergo multiple surgeries to repair the damage to her head and jaw, with trans groups rallying to pay for her medical care.

20-year-old Christopher Temple has been arrested over the attack, and charged with robbery and attempt to inflict, or threaten serious physical harm on another.

No other arrests have been made in the case so far.


As Ohio does not treat gender identity as a protected characteristic under hate crime laws, it is unlikely a stronger conviction will be possible – despite the men reportedly screaming anti-trans abuse through the attack.

Police Sergeant Joe Heffernan continues to misgender Ms Milligan in police statements, telling the Toledo Blade:  “This doesn’t fit in the definition of [a hate crime enhancement] exactly because, if it’s anything, it may have been done because of his sexual orientation, but we haven’t proven that either.”

Darlene Nipper of the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund – which is helping to pay for Ms Milligan’s treatment – said: “We are outraged with the continued anti-transgender violence taking place across the country.

“The recent brutal attack against a transgender community activist underscores the need for strong nondiscrimination laws to prevent violent anti-LGBTQ hate crimes.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Candice, her friends, and family. We hope for a quick and healthy recovery.

“We will continue to monitor the situation in Toledo as we call on the local authorities to use every tool in their power to bring justice to Candice and the transgender community.”