Video games company ‘creates fake game’ to help a lesbian couple get engaged

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Video game developer Bioware created an intricate fake video game – all to help one gamer propose to her girlfriend.

The creators of games including Mass Effect and Dragon Age were contacted by fan Jackie, who was hoping to propose to her game-obsessed partner Amy.

Studio manager Marie-Renée Brisebois decided to take up the secret project, and a number of workers from the company’s Montreal studio volunteered to create the game including writer Ann Lemay, lead level designer Colin Campbell, and QA analyst Barrett Rodych.

Under direction from Jackie, they created a fake level for a supposedly new game, which was peppered with gradually-increasing references to the couple’s relationship.

When the game was complete, Amy and Jackie were invited to ‘test’ the new level at the BioWare offices, under the ruse of of winning a fake contest.

As Amy played through the test game, she began to notice the references to their life, before reaching a sign at the climax of a level that read: “Dear Amy, Jackie would like to ask you something. Love, All of us at BioWare” – when Jackie got down on one knee in real life to propose.

Designer Colin Campbell said: “Being a videogame designer doesn’t often give me the opportunity to help someone else have a marriage.

“This is rare and something that’s almost never going to happen to anyone in the industry, so as soon as I saw the opportunity, I jumped right on it.”

“There aren’t many situations in videogame development where you get the chance to step back and do something like this for somebody else.

“I think videogames are powerful and an incredible form of art and entertainment and interaction, but they don’t often get two people married.

“There are only a few stories like that in history, and it’s awesome to be part of one of them.”

Bioware’s games have won acclaim from fans for its approach to gay characters in the past, with Dragon Age producer Cameron Lee saying: “We’re not going to force you to be a fixed character, that you have to be this male guy that runs through the world and looks a certain way, walks a certain way. We even give you choices of voices.

“So why picking a gender or sexuality is an issue is beyond me. We have the technology to do it, and we have for a long time, so why not let your fantasy be different?”