Michael Fabricant reveals sex life after ‘KGB style’ Mail interview

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Tory MP Michael Fabricant has revealed details about his private life in what he described to PinkNews as a ‘KGB style’ interview by the Mail on Sunday.

The Lichfield MP – who has campaigned for the ban on gay men giving blood to be lifted – was profiled in the newspaper today.

He was questioned on his close friendship with John Lewis boss Andy Street, saying: “I have gone past the stage of wanting girlfriends and all the rest of it. I guess he’s someone I can rely on in life and he can rely on me.

“In my 30s I was abroad a lot – and I enjoy the company of blokes. I’m not exclusively gay [though] I have certainly done things with a bloke.

“We can be friends without having him do things to my bottom or me to his, for God’s sake!”

The paper quipped: “The unconventional and almost alarmingly candid Mr Fabricant states he has only had full sexual intercourse with women, not men, though the explicit terms he uses to describe it would make readers of Pink News blush, never mind The Mail on Sunday’s.”

The newspaper also remarked that his close political ally, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, was the “least likely Tory Cabinet Minister to read Pink News.”

Mr Fabricant told PinkNews: “Needless to say, the interview lasted 90 minutes and it was only just at the very end that I was questioned intensively about my private life. It felt like an interrogation by the KGB!

“It’s just so amusing, if not hypocritical of that newspaper, that the journalist asked such personal leading questions about me and then feigned to be shocked when I gave him the answers.

“I have to say, that I was not happy when I read the article this morning, but my Conservative Party Association Chairman said he loved it and said it demonstrates what a truthful and open individual I am. And I have been receiving similar messages all day including from members of the Cabinet.

“So far, no-one has contacted me either directly or via social media to criticise me. But that may yet happen.

“I guess my main disappointment is that the Mail was so very true-to-type and stereotypical in its outraged journalism. I thought they might have grown out of all that in the 21st century. But sadly not.”