MP Michael Fabricant insists he wasn’t attacked at Conservative Party conference

A protester approaching Michael Fabricant as he makes his way into the Conservative Party's conference in Birmingham.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant has denied claims he was violently assaulted by left-wing protesters at the Conservative Party conference.

There was immediate uproar on Sunday (2 October) when Times Radio journalist Dom Hauschild tweeted a video which showed Fabricant being confronted by protesters on his way into the conference in Birmingham.

“Just witnessed Conservative MP Michael Fabricant assaulted by protesters outside Tory conference,” Hauschild tweeted.

“He was pushed quite violently (didn’t get this on video) and protesters screamed in his face.”

‘Self disciplined’ protesters did not assault Michael Fabricant

Hauschild’s tweets immediately led to strident backlash, with many condemning protesters for allegedly assaulting Fabricant.

Shortly afterwards, the Litchfield MP clarified that he was not assaulted at conference in a series of tweets.

“Social media is suggesting I was ‘attacked’ as I tried to get into #CPC2022. I was not. I was directed wrongly right into the middle of the protest. I think the protesters thought I was deliberately provoking them. But no one touched me. Just shouted abuse. They were just loud!

“One protester tried to blow a plastic horn in my ear while I was walking. I asked him to stop, but he refused. So I grabbed his horn and threw it away. I think he was more shocked than me.”

Fabricant added: “So for clarity, I was not pushed or shoved, nor did I fall over. As far as I could see, the crowd was noisy but self disciplined. We live in a democracy and people have every right to protest.”

He closed out his thread by saying he was subsequently escorted into the conference by “several” police officers.

Separately, Fabricant also shared Hauschild’s video and said the young person who was captured confronting him “was a little twerp trying hard to be angry”.

“I don’t recall being pushed at all,” he said.

“Earlier, it was a little intimidating for me and others when I had been directed straight into the middle of the demo but apart from shouting and noise from hooters, no-one touched or threatened me.”

Fabricant won praise on social media for clarifying that he was not assaulted and for defending the right of people to protest.

Others criticised the journalist who claimed Fabricant was assaulted for not retracting his tweets.

PinkNews has contacted Dominic Hauschild and Michael Fabricant for comment.

Hundreds of protesters descended on Birmingham on Sunday (2 October) as the Conservative Party conference got underway.

The demonstration was organised by the People’s Assembly, which campaigns against austerity.

In a statement, West Midlands Police said: “We are aware that a Conservative MP was confronted by protesters when walking through the city earlier today.

“Officers who were in the area at the time liaising with protesters quickly helped guide him to the conference venue due to the large number of people who had gathered.

“We are also aware of reports of an alleged assault against a second Conservative MP on Broad Street.

“The MP has since confirmed that while he was approached by protesters, he was not assaulted.”