Politician forced to step down after tweeting ‘Thank God Nazis shot gays’

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A Latvian politician has been forced to resign after she tweeted to say “thank god Nazis shot gay people.”

Inga Priede posted a string of comments on Twitter during a debate with other MPs from her party about the recognition of same-sex relationships.

As well as tweeting: “Thank God! The Germans shot them in their time. Was good for demographics,” she also apparently referred to Nazi Germany’s attempts to “improve the nation” through killing or imprisoning gay people.

Priede also said that those living in rural Latvia are “in shock” for learning about a draft law to recognise same-sex relationships, and that they “are not proud” of being gay, “because there are basic values.”


The tweets sent by Priede, now deleted

She has since stepped down from her position in the ruling Unity Party’s leadership, deleted the tweets, which were sent on Monday and said she never intended to insult anyone.

Critics of Priede, however, are calling for a criminal prosecution, and the Unity Party has spoken out to say her sentiments went against the values of the party.

“Such statements are absolutely unacceptable. And her later attempts to say she didn’t write these criminal things or that she had been misunderstood prove that Ms. Priede is not a brave person and does not take responsibility for her words,” said MP Ilze Viņķele, a former Latvian social minister as cited by Mig news website.