Gay UKIP MEP ‘warns’ that fictional town’s UKIP branch isn’t real

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Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn has ‘warned’ people that a UKIP branch in the stop-motion town of Trumpton is not real.

Mr Coburn, who is the party’s most senior gay politician, and their only MEP in Scotland, urged party followers to report the UKIP Trumpton parody Twitter account.

He complained: “another fake account has emerged @Trumpton_UKIP – please block/report”.

The parody account – based on the town from the stop-motion 1960s TV series – tweets a variety of UKIP-related jokes.

PinkNews reported last week that a number of UKIP officials were fooled into following a hoax UKIP Twitter account which espoused openly homophobic views.

UKIP’s Deputy Chair Suzanne Evans later accused PinkNews of “scraping the deepest depths of the barrel” to discredit the party, and bizarrely claimed the reporter was “gullible” for reporting that UKIP members had fallen for the hoax.

David Coburn has previously claimed that same-sex marriage supporters are “equality Nazis”.

He said: “What you’re doing with the gay marriage issue is you’re rubbing people’s noses in the dirt.

“[It’s] the equality Nazis trying to give Christianity a jolly good kicking. You know it, I know it, we all know it – it’s false bollocks, the lot of it.

“It’s just for some queen who wants to dress up in a bridal frock and in a big moustache and dance up the aisle to the Village People.”