Australia: Same-sex couples who had marriages voided mark 1-year anniversary

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

31 same-sex Australian couples are marking one year since the government annulled their marriages.

Same-sex couples were briefly permitted to marry in the Australian Capital Territory from December 7 to December 12 2013, after the state Parliament passed a law introducing equal marriage.

However, the federal government – headed by PM Tony Abbott, who strongly opposes same-sex marriage – stepped in to challenge the decision, and the High Court put the marriage ban back into place, voiding the existing marriages.

Mr Abbott later claimed that the couples always knew that their marriages would be revoked by the state.

Equal rights charity GLAAD has produced a video to mark the year that has passed since the couples were allowed to marry, and is calling on others to wish them a happy anniversary.

Couple Stacey and Corrina said: “A year has passed since our wedding.

“Our memories are so clear, so fresh of us on a sunny, hot day joining together in a celebration of our love.

“With friends around us, a smile from ear to ear and tears of joy in our eyes we stood tall and confessed our love to each other. A year of bliss and a future of togetherness.

“We were married 7 December 2013. The happiest day in our lives.”

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis said: “Equality starts with personal stories.

“For the 31 couples in Australia whose marriages were robbed from them, we want them to know that there are many people across the globe who recognize and celebrate their love and commitment.

“By sharing their stories, we can show people around the world the importance of marriage protections for all loving couples.”