Sony bosses branded American Hustle director a ‘loon’ for ‘feeling up’ transgender niece

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Leaked emails from Sony Pictures have revealed that executives branded American Hustle director David O Russell a “loon” over allegations he “felt up” his transgender niece.

A vast amount of private emails and data has been exposed from the studio this month, after Sony was infiltrated by a complex cyber-attack, suspected to have been caused by hackers in North Koreaa.

One email exchange showed Sony Co-Chair Amy Pascal talking to Columbia Pictures executive Michael De Luca about Mr Russell.

Mr De Luca claimed: “David’s a loon, talented, but geez once I saw him bring Sally Field to a party and reduce her to tears. Plus remember when he got in trouble for feeling up his transgender nieces (sic) boobs?”

The jibe came after allegations in 2011 that Mr Russell grabbed the breasts of a niece – who is not a blood relative – during a workout session at the gym.

The director earned three consecutive Oscar nominations for Best Director, for The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle.